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    3. Milestones - Where we come from

      KAUP GmbH & Co KG is a German business imbued with history and at home for generations in Aschaffenburg on the Bavarian Untermain.

      KAUP always has implemented even very special customer’s requirements – here you can see a Tyre Handler for large-sized tyres.

      1. Origins

      1894 - Master blacksmith Peter Kaup founded a smithy in Leider, at that time a rural suburb of Aschaffenburg.

      1927 - The son of Peter Kaup, Kilian Kaup specialised the smithy in repairs in the area of ship and harbour equipment.

      2. Foundation

      1962 - Otmar Kaup founds, together with his father Kilian, the Kilian Kaup KG to produce attachments for forklift trucks - it was the birth of today's Kaup GmbH & Co KG.

      3. Expansion

      1971 - KAUP prospers and grows. Accordingly the company moves and now manufacturers on 3000 sqm. A further expansion of the production capacity follows in 1976.

      1980 - A modern administration building is built on the existing company premises.

      1995 - About 400 employees produce for the first time more than 25.000 attachments per year.

      One more time KAUP has expanded its assembly and production capacity by 16.500 sqm upon erection of “Hall 10” in 2008.



      4. Innovations

      1998 - KAUP is the first manufacture to put attachment capable of handling up to 8 euro pallets on the market.

      2005 - KAUP produces superlatives: the worldwide largest rotator (32 tons) and the worlds biggest tyre handler and fitting tool (for tyres with a diameter of up to 4,6 metres).

      5. Investments

      1998 - Production capacities in Aschaffenburg are expanded once again as part of a long-standing extensive investment program - among other things 16 new welding robots start up their work in a new factory building.

      2008 - In November a new assembly and production hall with 16.500 sqm is put into operation in Aschaffenburg.



      Since 1997 KAUP is present in Xiamen, China – since 2008 we produce in a new assembly and production hall of 12.000 sqm (picture)


      6. Internationalisation

      1997 - In the Chinese town of Xiamen KAUP puts a second production plant into operation - exclusively for the Asian Market.

      2008 - KAUP continues to expand in China, and manufactures in a new 12.000 sqm sized assembly and production hall on a 20.000 sqm area.

      7. Future

      1993 - Holger Kaup becomes second general manager. He represents the fourth generation in the KAUP-management.

      2012 - Kaup GmbH & Co KG celebrates its 50th company anniversary. Over 700 employees produce worldwide more than 40.000 attachments.

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