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    3. KAUP Container Spreader

      A KAUP Container Spreader in use.

      KAUP Container Spreaders are variably usable and have proven to be successful in worldwide use since more than 25 years - on ships, port terminals or transhipment stations. Due to the consequently applied modular principle of KAUP they have a very favourable ratio between empty weight and payload and can be adapted without any problems to individual requests concerning load capacity, stroke speed and increasing container sizes.

      For centering the view-optimized designed spreader during positionning on a freestanding container the KAUP Container Spreaders are equipped with folding flippers. Depending to the specific need the crane operator can fold them upwards or downwards.

      KAUP provides a wide range of Container Spreaders

      The range of Container Spreaders from KAUP is extremely diverse. It ranges from forklift truck Spreaders to Telescopic Spreaders up to Spreaders for fully laden containers. But the individual data concerning type, mounting, details of load calculation, data about the transported containers and other technical specifications render Container Spreaders very complex. Therefore it is necessary to contact the Spreader division directly to adapt container Spreaders to the particular application. Please contact us!

      The range of Container Spreaders from KAUP:

      • Telescopic Spreaders
      • Fixed-frame Spreaders
      • Spreaders for empty containers
      • Spreaders for fully laden containers




      Possible operational areas:

      • Gantry container bridges
      • Mobile harbour cranes
      • Portal cranes
      • Ship to shore cranes
      • Forklift trucks
      • Reach stackers
      • Luffing cranes
      • Straddle carriers




      • Telescopic range from 20' to 24' - 30' - 35' - 40' - 43' - 45' - 48'
      • Width adjustment to compensate difference between ISO and SEALAND containers
      • Level compensation from 600 mm to 1.200 mm
      • Flippers: 4 or 6 as required
      • Slewing gear 270° or 360° endless
      • Trim and list control
      • Piggy Back arms
      • Emergency lifting hooks
      • 4 x 10.000 kg on central frame 4 x 10.000 kg on crosshead
      • Tropical or sea resistant version available



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